American Fugitive wins Best Arcade Game at the TIGA Awards 2019!

Making games is hard. It’s increasingly competitive, and the quality bar is ridiculously high these days.

Which is why it’s such a proud moment for us as a small indie company (we currently number four staff) to be honoured with an industry award. American Fugitive was awarded ‘Best Arcade Game’ at the TIGA 2019, as voted for by fans!

Game Director Joe Moulding (left), and Art Director Lewis Boadle with the company’s TIGA Award.

It goes without saying that we are indebted to all development staff on the project, past and present, as well as our publishers Curve Digital (who won Best Publisher) and our test partners Testronic (who won Best QA Provider!), our partners and families, and, most of all, our fans and customers, without whom there would be no game. Thank you, American Fugitive players, for all your support and encouragement.

You can view a full list of winners here.

One Reply to “American Fugitive wins Best Arcade Game at the TIGA Awards 2019!”

  1. Please provide wallpapers of the game. Only screenshots of gameplay can be found on the internet. Graphics are awesome but I need more material for my desktop and my phone and my xbox 🙂

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