The Precinct

When is ‘The Precinct’ going to be released?

What platforms will it be available for?

How can I learn more about this game?
Follow any of our social media platforms. We especially encourage you to visit our Discord community.

Will there be an open beta or a demo?

Do you require voice actors / music / sound effects?
No, thank you.

American Fugitive

Can you tell me how to complete a particular object / achievement / time trial?
There are lots of gameplay videos on YouTube that you might find useful for this.

Can I tell you about a bug in American Fugitive?
Absolutely, although there are aren’t any updates currently scheduled. We are focused on ‘The Precinct’. Hit us up on our contact form.

Mobile Games

I lost my progress!
We have recently submitted a fix for the ‘lost progress’ bug. Hopefully it should be fixed now. Sorry!

Why did the game(s) disappear from Google Play?
There was an issue with the games that was causing Google Play to remove them. We have since addressed the issue and have reinstated the games

Will there be another Quell game?
The current state of the mobile market doesn’t really suit a Quell experience, but we hope to revisit the franchise one day.

Fallen Tree Games

Where are you based?
Although the studio was founded in Nottingham, UK, we have recently transitioned to being a ‘remote-working’ company, and have team members from around the world.

Can I apply for a work experience placement or internship?
Given that we now work from home, it makes work experience / internships much less useful to the candidate. For that reason, we are not offering placements at this time.

Can I apply for a job with you?
Check the jobs page to see if we are currently hiring.

I’m a recruiter. Can I tell you about a candidate?
We are not accepting applications via recruiters.