AppSpy Video Review

Those lovely folks at have done a super little video review of Quell, and awarded us a healthy 4/5. "Quell is a beautifully relaxing puzzle title to delve in to and even when things get rough it's easy to get lost in the moment and just play for the sake of chilling out."

Jaryth Shows How it’s Done

One of our Canadian fans and new friends, Jaryth, has taken a break from his great artwork to post a 'solutions' video. It shows how to 'Perfectly' complete the first four levels of Quell. If you're stuck, be sure to check it. Jaryth has offered to do more, if there is sufficient interest. Thanks Jaryth!

Gamezebo Review

We've just had Quell reviewed by the good folks over at Gamezebo. The level design is good, the controls are pleasingly responsive, and the lack of a time limit or strict terms for unlocking the next level – as well as a neat hint system – adds to the calming, zen-like atmosphere.

First Gameplay Video of Quell

There's a bit of a commotion developing over at TouchArcade. They've seen the first gameplay video of Quell and it is getting a fantastic response! We've been inundated with positive feedback since then. Great to hear. Thanks for all your kind words guys!