Patch Notes – Xbox One

American Fugitive Patch Notes - 28th January 2021 []
  • Keep inventory at restart (classic behavior, all items are lost, available via Game Options)
  • New wanted behavior (area based)
  • Checkpoints on certain missions where player can easily die or fail
  • Fix for vehicle brakes not always engaging correctly
  • Fixed a police vehicle navigation bug
  • Player strafing speed slightly increased
  • Tarmac grip levels slightly increased
  • Metal detector upgrade can be disabled
  • Fix for engine audio sometimes starting abruptly
  • Fix for final objective sometimes completing when it should fail
  • Tweaked player upgrade costs
  • Removed a weak Mayor mission
  • Allow one of Ana’s missions to be skipped based on conversation choice
  • Various AI fixes
  • Increased player crouch movement speed
  • Added audio option to control ambience volume (for less crickets!)
  • Residential cars spawning on driveways
  • Some automatic camera zoom out when multiple targets
  • Extra information on map
  • Reduced the reload speed of certain weapons
  • Increased ammo from weapon drops, and increased player ammo capacity
  • Bug fixes for story missions
'State of Emergency' DLC Notes - 25th November 2019 [1.0.18615]
  • Added 2 new weapons, the bazooka and the minigun.
  • Added 2 new vehicles, the Westmoreland Tank and the Army 4×4.
  • Added 10 new challenges, accessed in the same way as Time Trials
  • Added a 6 star wanted level.
  • Added 3 new achievements.
  • Replaced the toy factory with a military base.
  • Added soldier NPCs.
  • Added soldier uniform.
  • AI will now burst fire when using automatic weapons.
  • Police NPCs will now flee from burning cars.
  • Stopped NPCs shooting cars that are too close to them.
  • Added animal ragdolling when shot or hit by vehicles.
  • Added extra waypoint minimap marker during time trials.
  • Improved bullet impact sounds for vehicles, buildings and people.
  • Decreased global music volume and increase global vehicle volume.
  • Moved ‘Game’ to top of Options menu
  • Fixed issue where weapon fire rate would temporarily increase when turning quickly.
  • Fixed issue where NPCs would continue attacking the player after death.
  • Fixed issue where the camera wouldn’t orientate itself properly at the beginning of time trials while playing in Follow Camera mode.
  • Fixed issue where NPC speech bubble would persist after the vehicle they were in had been destroyed.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Return to Vehicle’ countdown would display in time trials, even if the player was dead.
  • Fixed issue where player would surrender while standing still and aiming.
  • Fixed issue where the police car icon wouldn’t disappear from the minimap if stolen from a police roadblock.
  • Fixed issue where the player could make phone calls during challenges and races.
  • Fixed issue where the ‘back’ UI button would overlap with the weapon panel.
  • Fixed issues with UI icons when playing on 21:9 monitors.
  • Fixed issues with newspaper text while playing in Japanese.
American Fugitive Patch Notes - 12th September 2019 [1.0.17959]
Quality of Life
  • Minimap added, with route planner aid
  • Option to turn off minimap in Game Options
  • Turn off custom waypoint marker when close to it
  • Civilians are more tolerant of certain minor crimes, so won’t always report them
  • Police take longer to arrive at crime scenes, as previously were unrealistically quick
  • AI try to move away from burning vehicles
  • Civilian AI better at checking for oncoming traffic before crossing roads
  • Fix for one chunk in Ridge Plains not loading in some circumstances
  • Performance optimisations
American Fugitive Patch Notes - 5th July 2019 [1.0.17514]
  • Fixed AI getting stuck behind cliffs.
  • Can order multiple guns without the previous being despawned.
  • Fixed issue with AI popping in and out at Train Station doors.
  • ATMs can now be broken into after being towed.
  • Fixed issue which prevented use of crowbar on doors which can be kicked open.
  • Fixed issue where Mission NPCs occasionally wouldn’t unlock correctly.
  • Player is now awarded a small amount of cash for compacting vehicles.
Quality of Life
  • Statistics Screen: Distances over 1000 metres now display as Km.
  • Map Screen: Show available Mission Giver and Time Trial icons for all areas, not just the one user is in.
  • Added Stunt Jump icons to map, with colours denoting complete / incomplete.
  • Added icons to Journal note entries denoting stash discovered / undiscovered, as well as the ability to add a map waypoint at original note location.
  • Time Trial map icons are now colour coded to denote tier achieved.
  • Added Info Panel to map screen, displaying personal best Time Trial times and Stunt Jump distances.
  • Added off-screen markers animation to make them more noticeable.
  • Fixed Stunt Jump UI showing ‘New Record’ at incorrect times.
  • Improved persistence of clothing off-screen indicator, to aid on-boarding.
  • Improved persistence of objective off-screen marker icons, especially when in different map regions.
  • Fixed issue where taking cash would occasionally fail to give you the money.
  • Fixed lockpick item using wrong sound effect.
  • Fixed restraining items not using their respective sound effect during ‘Restrain’ interior phase.
  • Fixed issue with character music looping a second time before abruptly stopping.
  • Fixed issue with Prison Infirmary ‘beep’ SFX not terminating.
  • Fixed issue where graveyard corpses would scream.
  • Fixed ‘Arrests’ stat not being incremented.
  • Removed some trees around forest cabin area to improve performance.
American Fugitive Patch Notes - 28th May 2019 [1.0.17324]