Patch Notes – PC (Steam)

American Fugitive Patch Notes - 24th June 2019 [1.0.17495]


  • ATMs can now be broken into after being towed.
  • Fixed issue where taking cash would occasionally fail to give you the money.
  • Fixed issue where Mission NPCs occasionally wouldn’t unlock correctly.
  • Player is now awarded a small amount of cash for compacting vehicles.

Quality of Life

  • Added Stunt Jump icons to map, with colours denoting complete / incomplete.
  • Added icons to Journal note entries denoting stash discovered / undiscovered, as well as the ability to add a map waypoint at original note location.
  • Time Trial map icons are now colour coded to denote tier achieved.
  • Added Info Panel to map screen, displaying personal best Time Trial times and Stunt Jump distances.
  • Added off-screen markers animation to make them more noticeable.


  • Fixed issue with Prison Infirmary ‘beep’ SFX not terminating.
  • Fixed issue where graveyard corpses would scream.


  • Fixed full-screen images not filling the screen correctly in 16:10.
  • Removed some trees around forest cabin area to improve performance.
  • Fixed ‘Arrests’ stat not being incremented.
  • Fixed issue with Uppercase ‘i’ not rendering when Turkish is default
    Windows language.
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