About Us

Fallen Tree Games was officially founded in 2012.

Our first game, however, was released in 2010, when we released Quell to iOS (and later Android). At the time, we were both employed in the console games industry (Joe with Free Radical Design, later Crytek, and Lewis with Eurocom). The game was critically well received, but didn’t really sell well.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the experience of creating a gentle, relaxing puzzle game. It was a great way to unwind from the frenetic nature of our day jobs in FPS development.

And so, we created a sequel, Quell Reflect, again utilising the musical talents of Steven Cravis. With the intention of making a bigger splash, we utilised an app promotion service, and made the original Quell free. This pushed it up the charts and introduced it to a swathe of players who had missed it the first time around. When they played the free game through to completion, they were then directed to the (paid for) Quell Reflect, which served to push both games high into the charts, where they have remained ever since.new_screenshot_1

In 2012, encouraged by this minor success, we decided take the company full-time: we handed in our notices at our respective jobs and Fallen Tree Games was officially born!

Bolstered by the support of BigYama (PS Vita port) we began work on third Quell game, pouring a lot more time and resources into making it the best it could possibly be. As so, in late 2013, Quell Memento was released across multiple platforms, and to date has been well reviewed – appearing on Apple’s ‘featured’ list and and Starbucks ‘App of the Day’.


Since then, we have taken great pride in updating all our games with new content and features, and have also released free versions of each.