Niubie Review (Spanish)

Quell is continuing to prove popular in sunny spain. Gaming site Niubie have just given us a positive review (we think it’s positive – our Spanish friends tell us it is!). “It has the ability to leave you satisfied with only investing 5-10 minutes, perfect for when you’re stuck in traffic or for play before bedtime. The price makes it even more attractive.” Continue reading Niubie Review (Spanish)

Quell Lite is released!

Quell Lite is now available from the App Store – absolutely free! We’ve added the free version, which contains 24 of the 70+ levels, so gamers can get a complimentary sample of the Quell experience.┬áHere’s the blurb from iTunes: A unique puzzler that is sure to bend your brain and capture your heart!Quell has been critically-acclaimed for its ingenious gameplay, gorgeous art style, and custom-written … Continue reading Quell Lite is released!